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Our Cat Sitting service covers the Lincoln area, and the post codes of LN1, LN2, LN3, LN4, LN5 AND LN6.


Cat Sitting & Cat Care – Cat Sitter based in Saxilby, Lincoln

CATSITTING and CATCARE services for the Lincoln city area

Cat in a canary cageYour cats could not be in more cat-loving hands as we are the only CAT only service around.

Our cat sitting charges start from £10 inclusive!

Cats are very territorial and are most happy when in a familiar routine which is why a catsitter is the very best option for your cat(s) when you are away on holidays, business or weekend breaks. They can stay at home with what they know... cats don't like being caged up or going to catteries.

The average local cattery charges from £9.50 per cat to £20 for 2 or 3 cats per day (prices correct 2021) – your cats are in runs which are basically large cages. Comparing that with catsitters charges you get far more for your money as we have petrol expenses and mileage and time plus we collect your post, keep your home looking like someone is around and keep it tidy and can alert relevant bodies of any problems whilst you are away. Your cat(s) are FAR happier to stay in their home, this has been said by many a Vet who often see cats after a cattery visit suffering from stress disorders.

How does it work?

Cat asleep on coathangersThe catsitter will come and visit you and your cats once you make a confirmed booking and at this point take notes of the usual routines that your cats have for feeding, going in and out, being brushed or playtime, tablet time etc.

Cat with TV remote and beer bottleIt is important to show the catsitter any hidey holes your cats may have and his or her special requirements, and any habits your cat has... we get many requests from cats that only drink from the tap, the shower, cats that want to be hoovered...yes hoovered!! some cats need tablets, like their bedding changed, like special meals cooked like fish, prawns etc. Also if your cat has a litter tray please show where this is kept and where you keep spare litter, plastic bags, scoop etc

We are also quite happy to feed other small animals in the household such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish etc for an extra small fee depending on whether its just a pinch of fish food or clean out a rabbit hutch etc, its no problem!

Your cat will be so chilled and happy to have someone coming in everyday and that he can carry on as usual, of course he will miss you over night but time will be spent on each visit to ensure he/she is content and knows he's very much loved and cared for while you are not there...

What's included in each visit?

  • we keep all the areas clean and tidy that your cat uses on every single visit
  • we put the rubbish out everyday
  • we clean the feeding bowls daily
  • we pick up your post and junk mail daily
  • we put your wheelie bin out on bin collection day and pull it back in next day
  • we put lights on and off to make it look like someone's around
  • we can move curtains blinds around
  • we alert the police or fire brigade in any case of emergency such as a leak, break in etc.
  • we do not work with dogs so therefore do not pose a threat to your cats when visiting them.
  • you can book for any amounts of visits from a one off visit to over a month at a time, if we hold your keys all year round, we can call in to your cats at a moments notice in an emergency if needed.
  • apart from your cats and small animals being well looked after, this is a great security measure for your home whilst you are away
  • we feed your cats
  • we water them
  • we change litter tray daily
  • we brush long haired cats (at a small extra charge)
    we cater for diabetic cats
  • we can administer tablets
  • we cater for diabetic cats an can administer insulin injections
  • we cater for mum and kittens as we are experienced in all forms of feline care including:
    • ...breeding
    • ...nutrition
    • ...grooming (see our grooming page for cat grooming)
    • tablets and insulin as we are vet trained
    • ...feline behaviour

We are we would say the most professional cat-mad company around and have years of hands-on experience in all the above. We are fully insured and have plenty of references should you require them from our existing clients since 1995.

Cats CuddlingOur aim is to keep your cats as happy as can be whilst you are not there! This is one to one attention each day and can be once or twice a day depending usually on age of cat, dietary requirements and whether on medication. Once a day is usually sufficient but two visit per day can be arranged for those more needy.

We look after your cats as if they were our own and how we would expect to have our own cared for if we were away!

Please e-mail us at to check availability on dates and for costs as each assignment is individual.

Areas covered for CAT SITTING are Saxilby, Harby NG23, Skellingthorpe, Long leys road, Burton, Burton waters, kettlethorpe, Thorpe on hill, Doddington, Sturton by stow, Bransby, Lincoln west end Lincoln, Doddington Park, Lincoln Birchwood, Lincoln LN1, Lincoln LN6, newton on trent, NG23, Fenton, Torksey lock, north scarle, swinderby NG23, NG22, Eagle, Whisby, north carlton, south carlton.