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Cat Grooming Lincolnshire

Cat Grooming Lincoln


Cat Grooming Lincolnshire


Cat Grooming Lincolnshire


Cat Grooming – Professional Cat Groomer for Lincoln UK

Cat GroomingFeline only Holistic Cat Grooming Studio, no dogs allowed!

"Don´t Cats Groom themselves?”

Cats lick themselves constantly to remove debris and loose fur from their coat, so it does appear that the majority of cats are, in fact, ‘grooming’ themselves. In reality, they are only spreading saliva though their coat and ingesting large amounts of hair that, in turn, lead to hairballs. 

Unfortunately, their saliva does not contain any magical enzymes, shampoo, a comb, or nail clippers.  Cats often suffer from matted coats, shedding hair, dandruff, grease and oils, litter box odour, faeces, long sharp claws, fleas, hairballs, stud tail and chin acne. 

I want to help your cat and you!

I have been a Cat groomer since 2004 and specialize is the removal of matted fur, knots, dirt from long and short haired cats, especially Persians, Exotics, Maine coons, British short hairs, Siberians, Norwegian forest cats and Ragdolls and all the other beautiful long-haired cats of all shapes and sizes.

We groom short haired cats and long haired.

All my grooms are Holistic!

I use Lavender oil infusions in my studio and feliway and also play calming Cat music to make your feline as calm and comfortable as possible during their groom.

“How will grooming help my cat?”

Please Note, most cats will be attempted for grooming, but if you know that your cat gets angry or bites, please do not book him in as it is unfair to both the cat and to me.

I will assess each cat when it arrives for his appointment and at that point be able to tell you a more accurate cost and what options are available for grooming depending on how matted he is or not. On some occasions, I ask the owner to stay with their cat and help hold your cat and to reassure your cat if he is nervous.

If you book your next appointment within 8 weeks, you will receive a 10% discount.

Cat Grooming session information

  • A full range of grooming treatments is available.
  • All cat grooms include nail trimming and ear cleaning.
  • I do not cut out matts with scissors, I only shave them out as it's the safest way to remove them. Cat's skin is very delicate and moves around like chicken's skin, which can make it easy to cut. I are professionally trained to groom cats in a way that is least likely to hurt your animal.
  • If you do not want your cat completely shaved, I an just shave out the matts and brush out the rest of the coat. I also do just brush-outs of dead loose hair for short and long-haired cats.
  • I can also bath cats if required and hand dry them.
  • I attempt any cat for grooming - I know how to handle even the most difficult cats. Each and every cat as I all know is different in personality. What one cat will allow, another will not. If I feel that a cat is stressed or turns aggressive and cannot be handled, the best solution is sedation by your own vets.
  • As the owner, you can stay with your cat whilst we groom which can be reassuring for the cat.
  • Each appointment is on time and my aim is for cat and owner to be finished within 30 mins to 1hr 30 (tops)
  • 48 hours cancellation is required for each appointment as appointments are scarce and I need to arrange childcare to be able to groom so is imperative.
  • I do not use any sedation and so if you already know that your cat becomes very vicious and cannot be handled please book in at a vets for clipping.


A new law has passed in the UK for the welfare and health of cats and dogs and that is that a cat must be vaccinated, wormed, fed and watered appropriatly and free of knots or discomfort at all times. It is imperative that long haired cats especially are kept reguarly groomed and matt free. It is very uncomfortable for them to walk around with matts down to the skin and makes the skin very dry and itchy – it also makes some cats bad tempered and sluggish. Matts only get worst and if the cat goes outside and get wet in the rain, the knots double and get worst. At the first sign of a knot/matt, if you are not able to comb it out(never cut out) then your cat needs to see a groomer. Ideally long haired cats would come for regular brush outs and undercoat rake outs every 6-12 weeks.

Some of our Clients

Sissy Sissy
TABITHA, a Tortie persian who comes for a brush out every 8 weeks to remove her undercoat hair and any knots. Has her nails clipped, ears cleaned and eyes also. BAM BAM, a short haired Exotic breed who has thick undercoat and malts a lot at home so her owner brings her in for an undercoat rake out to remove dead hair. This is ideal for British shorthair breed as they have thick dense coats and get many tufts building up.
Cat Grooming Studio Cat Grooming Studio  
Cat Grooming Studio  

Lion Clips

GroomingWe do 'lion clips' for Persian and long-haired cats that are badly matted, or just need a haircut. Lion clips look good all year round and cats feel very comfortable in them. The 'lion clip' is a close shave of the entire body, leaving a mane, furry boots and a half shaved lion tail. Very cute!

We have many clients who claim that since we clip their cats regularly, they have become friendlier, so they book them in every 8-12 weeks for their 'lion clip'.


When the coat is matted by more than 50%. Matted prices will apply. Regular appointments will then prevent matting re-occurring. Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes to 2 hours

Approx prices From £65 not matted / Matted £95-120

Sissy Sissy
This is MAX, a beautiful 18 month old blue/cream Persian in a lion clip! Very proud!
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By appointment only for grooming: contact us via e-mail at or use the Enquiry Form.

Prices for grooming vary as each and every groom and cat is unique! It is difficult to quote over the phone as we cannot see or feel the cat's fur, so an hourly rate may be quoted to you!

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