About Us – Our Cats

We are basically obsessed by cats and always will be. We currently have 2 cats   which you can see below. We have had numerous cats in the past and have always belonged to cat clubs and bought cat magazines and books – we have even had various stories published about our cats' antics!


The Cat Care at Home staff have worked voluntarily at the Cats Protection League some years back and also worked as veterinary nurses in Spain for 18 months. Staff experience also includes working for the RSPCA running a charity shop and as a veterinary nurse/receptionist in 2 vet practices in London. Cat Studies by long distance university have been undertaken, which covered such areas as nutrition, feline care and behaviour. Staff are trained as professional cat groomers and specialise in all aspects of cat grooming.

Cat Care at Home has been around for almost 30 years now and is now based in Lincoln City, UK after serving London, East Sussex and Surrey for many years! We continue to provide the best cat care in the UK and totally explicitly adore cats!

I have various Professional Cat diplomas, including Feline Psychology and Care diploma; Advanced Pet First Aid diploma; Senior Cat Care certificate; Cattery Management diploma; and Cat Care diploma. 
I am DBS certified and references are available upon request. 


Here's our cats...


Tito Cornish rex catTiTo

TiTo is an Apricot point Cornish Rex boy and is amazingly affectionate and bomb proof. He plays with my daughter, like Pepe did and they play with each others toys.

He is very intelligent and cuddly – he's great with small children and you can hang him upside down and dress him up ( my daughter does). He loves to jump onto guests shoulders and curl around your neck.


Bujet Cornish rex catBujet

This is Bujet, he is our youngest addition and thinks that all the other boys are his family, he thinks that Hendrix is his mummy and cannot be without another cat around or he howls his head off if he can’t find them!


PepePepe – sadly got killed by a hit and run July 2012, sadly missed

Our Blue/white bi colour Cornish rex boy, he loves playing with my daughter and with every toy in sight! he is a table beggar and would eat us out of house and home!!!


Tin TinTin Tinwas stolen from us on July 24th 2013, almost 9 yrs old and we miss him desperately.

Tin Tin arrived on Aug 26th 2005. He's all we imagined he would be and is just amazing. It was well worth waiting 10 months for him to come from the USA. He's very slight compared to UK Cornish. He's sleek, slender and handsome and chews my arms and wrists.



Toto was the finest example of a British Cornish Rex cat who sadly died 11/10/04, aged 6, of a rare cancer. He was the most amazing cat ever.